“Tallarin con Banana”

Two clowns go out to meet whoever find them. Acrobatic plays and clown situations grow at the rhythm of an infinite scenery. Complicity, circus skills and spontaneous construction will create a shared world with the audience, made of universal  language. Pure emotion, provocation and improvisation. Tallarín and banana share this love. It will be just a little moment, a tiny time in this giant world of walking ghosts…


  • Anabel González, Banana (Argentina)
  • Rodrigo Rivera, Tallarín (Chile)

Technical Requirements

  • Space 8 x 8 mt.
  • 7 meters. High.
  • Cable Connection to Mp4.
  • 1 Microphone stand
  • Show time: 40min.


Belgium 2012

Germany 2011

Belgium 2011

Germany 2010

Space 6x6mt